No one tells our vision and commitment to service and caring for our residents better than the residents themselves! View the testimonials below to get a better idea of what life at Chateau Pacific is like from the people who live here. In addition to our residents, we’ve received amazing feedback from their families as well, who’ve graciously allowed us to share their stories.

A Testimonial from Chateau Pacific Resident Mariana Cooper.

In my lifetime I have been a world traveler, a mom and a wife. After my husband passed, 21 years ago, perseverance led to happiness in living alone. I believe it’s that perseverance that prepared me for the next “layer” of my life.

When you move anywhere, especially out of your home of 23 years, there’s a sense of trepidation, but there’s also excitement - to begin anew. There was trepidation because I was leaving what was familiar, people I knew and routines I was comfortable with - but most of all there was a fear of the unknown. I had lived in my Redmond home for 23 wonderful years.

Chateau Pacific offered me the opportunity to experience that next “layer” I wasn’t receiving in my own home.& Chateau has allowed me to re-engage, and it’s comforting to live in a community with so many available services. I’ll never have to relocate; which in turn greatly lifts my spirits!

I have to say, I don’t feel restricted in the least. My family is welcome to join me for meals and free to come and visit any time. As a matter of fact, the culinary staff made me feel at home from the moment I walked in, and that was both comforting and reassuring. The hostess and waitresses knew my name almost immediately and welcomed me with open arms. At dinner, I met a group of ladies that introduced me to many of the community activities. I even found a new love of gardening! Helping clean, trim and water the plants and flowers fills part of my days; I have many activities to look forward to and can participate in all that I want. I started swimming, and have been working on my advanced strength and balance with my Personal Chateau Trainer, Chris Ann.

Best of all, I’m not rattling around alone in my house any longer worrying about the inevitable expenses of homeownership. I’m also much closer to my grandchildren!

Life forces you to move on to the next “layer”. You have to embrace it to grow and growing nurtures your maturity. It may be difficult, but it is necessary. I’m grateful for the encouragement Chateau Pacific of Lynnwood has provided me.

Resident Mariana Cooper and her family